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Luminux LED Lighting

"Luminux LED lighting adopts the worldˇ¦s advanced LED lighting technology which the integration of Power Factory, PCB and LED light source are designed in Euro, and the LED light sources come from the world leading manufacturer, CREE, USA.

The power factory combines the constant current control and the overheat prevention control system which will stabilize the LED power supply and prevent the LED damaged from overheat. With the integration of power factory design, the light will automatically reduce the power supply when it detects an abnormal occurrence of overheat. The power factory system design ensures the LED light can achieve 50000 hours of operation.

Luminux LED lighting is designed to last for years of continuous operation, its Dynamic Air flow heat sinks are designed by Computer Aided Simulation to ensure the maximization of thermal convection and conduction. The heat sinks are made by the high conductive materials such as aluminum alloy and stainless steels.

All Luminux LED lighting will be driven by an exclusive LED Driver which will keep the power supply to the integrated PCB at a constant level. The exclusive LED driver prevents the LED damaged from over power supply.

Luminux LED Lighting is dedicated to providing high quality, specification grade luminaries for both interior and exterior lighting applications.ˇ¨

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